How does pricing work?

Pricing is based on weight, distance, dimensions, and effort to unload your materials.

Standard Pricing

$49 for materials that weigh under 350 lbs. Materials cannot be 16ft or longer at this tier. Materials that are longer require a flatbed and the delivery fee will become $89.

$89 for materials that weigh between 351 lbs - 2,000 lbs.

$169 for materials that weigh between 2,001 - 4,000 lbs.

Additional Fees

Included in the base price above, is a 15 mile radius around the pickup location. A $1.50/mile charge will incurred after the 15 mile radius has been travelled.

If multiple off-loaders are required to off-load your materials and personnel is not onsite to help for the off-loading process, an additional $29 fee will incur for off-loading services.

If you have selected that personnel will be onsite and they are not there when TommyRun arrives, a $45 penalty will incur.

Our standard pricing can be found here.