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How does TommyRun work?

TommyRun is a same-day construction and building materials delivery service. Customers select materials through a mobile application from various suppliers and the order is delivered by a personal shopper.

Stay onsite.

Whether you're a builder, contractor, house flipper, or handyman, one thing is for certain - there are constant shortages of materials that affect job completion and profit made. The days of

  • Leaving the job site to run to your favorite local supplier
  • Limited oversight on what your runners are actually buying and why they took so long
  • Battling traffic
  • Shopping and waiting in the dreadful line
  • Not having equipment to haul needed materials

...are over.

In-App Purchasing

Using TommyRun, you can simply select the supplier of your choice - Home Depot or Lowe's. Browse a catalogue of materials or search for exactly what you need. Add materials to your cart and complete the order. TommyRun will retrieve the items for you from the chosen supplier. Pay for them at the store checkout and deliver them to you same-day.

Order Pickup

Have you already placed an order from your favorite supplier and these materials are ready for pickup? Using TommyRun's "Pickup my Order" feature, our drivers will retrieve the ready-for-pickup order and bring the materials to you same day. We are your personal runner.